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Is Your Attached Garage Dangerous Because Of Its Insulation?

Safe effective Home insulation installation
Craig Can Help Cleveland TN's Insulation Contractor

If you have a newer Home in the Cleveland TN area than more than likely you have and attached garage. These attached garages are dangerous in nature as you are not likely storing dangerous chemicals in any other area of your home, right? No gas cans in the bedrooms right? Ideally your home builder would have spent the very little it costs during construction to fire proof that wall between the space's even just a of double 5/8 fire rated drywall would be better than what you likely have. You very likely have just another interior wall between you and your garage. This can be dangerous in the event of a spill or a fire.


The good news is that this is an easy fix when you call Craig Can Help. The retrofitting process can almost always be done from the garage side and involves very little renovations.

Cellulose insulation is a recyled paper product that is treated with boric acid, this is among many things what gives cellulose insulation its incredible fire resistance. I install cellulose insulation very densely into the wall cavities. Dense Packed Cellulose at 3.5 pounds per cubic foot stops the flow of air, and thus greatly impedes a fires ability's to spread. This will also effectively separate your garage completely from you living space zoning it outside. This will stop the dangerous chemicals that could be coming into your home. You should NOT smell your car or lawn mower when you start it. A dense packed cellulose insulation could be the reason you make it out of your home in the event of a house fire. The health and safety of the residents of a home are always My top priorities when retrofitting insulation. Craig has been improving the health and safety of the homeowners he works for longer than 20 years.


Retrofitting a home with safe and effective insulation is our highest level of expertise, I have been inside of every building style and seen almost every style of construction. I can make them all much safer, healthier and more comfortable starting with the wall the separates your garage from your home. Almost always a retrofit can be 100% complete without the need for major renovations. You can see this home was dense packed by carefully removing the wood siding to gain access to the wall cavity. This is insulated and waterproofed and the siding was reinstalled.

Removing siding to insulate a home, Adding insulation to your home.
Adding Insulation To A Home


If you live in or around the Cleveland TN area and have things in your home you wish to keep safe you homes insulation can help with that.

Craig is always ready to help homeowners or homebuilders create safer spaces with insulation. When you are ready to ensure your home's safety than call Craig.

Craig knows home insulation, and Yes if it were done right in the first place you wouldn't have to add insulation now. But, its best to get your walls between your home and garage insulated right, and there is no better time than now.


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