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5 Pro Tips for Achieving Fast and Flawless Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair in Cleveland Tennessee.
Fixing A cracked Drywall Ceiling

The first tip is going to be to knock down any texture or loose compound or tape within your work area. Get out anything that doesn't have adhesion with the drywall

#1 drywall contractor
Problem Drywall Repair

Second tip is to go to your local PPG paint store and get a can of this, and use it as directed. Using this problem surface sealer may save you big headaches in the future. This can also be used before paint if the surface is unstable.

Drywall repair tip #2
Prefilled drywall holes

Our third tip is: Prefill any large hole or crack before taping.

This will allow you to knock off any sagging joint compound and allow you to tape over a perfectly flat area allowing for a much better repair.

Drywall repair Tip #3
Use of fiber mesh tape during a repair.

Drywall Repair Tip #4: Use many light coats of a mid weight joint compound to finish the repair area. This will allow for a lot less sanding.

Seamless drywall repair
Dry wall Repair with a seamless finish.

Drywall Repair tip #5: Have FUN and STAY CLEAN.

Cleanliness is everything if you expect a good DIY drywall repair.

Wash yourself and your tools often.

A seamless drywall repair
Drywall Finishes

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